A new direction here at STCPI: the introduction of the “point counter-point” theme, and the addition of my Republican nemesis: The Mad White Male


From this point on, this site will be soley dedicated to the outlandish and purely sophomoric views of myself, and The Mad White Male – commenting on the latest events and contemporary issues facing both Liberals AND despicably narrow-minded Republicans.

And anything – and I mean ANYTHING – goes.

Today’s Topic: NBA Finals vs NHL Finals

Point: The Mad White Male

– Watching the final 5 minutes of the NBA playoffs is like watching paint dry. Kobe is not a star and the public dislikes him. Players are coddled and the refs are on the take.

In the last 5 minutes of the NHL Finals, Sidney Crosby, the best hockey player in the world, was smashed so hard his ribs broke. The most riveting finals in decades.

Fuck Dwight Howard and fuck negro ball.

Its not that I hate the sport, its that I dislike black people.


Counterpoint: The People’s Poet

– Hockey is for white people – very dumb, neanderthal-like Caucasians who are fans of Jimmy Buffet, and like to frequent flea markets.

Hockey is from Canada, and Canadians are notorious for being dumb and white and lacking in style and fashion sense. Dwight Howard is a good looking stylistic black man, with presumable a very large penis.

Republican white men are afraid of black men with large penis’s – they fear that they will steal all their white women – with there muscular butts and impeccable style. The NBA is full of threatening black men – “Mandingo” warriors – who are quite large in stature and frightening to the typical Republican male, with his ever increasing waistline and inability to sustain a useful erection.

Mad White Male, welcome to STCPI; cuz YOU just got BRUNOED!!!


7 Responses to “A new direction here at STCPI: the introduction of the “point counter-point” theme, and the addition of my Republican nemesis: The Mad White Male”

  1. The Mad White Male Says:

    Thanks to The Peoples’ Poet for having me here on his allustrious blog: “SO TOTALLY AND POLITCALLY INCORRECT”

    What a meteoric rise it’s been for The Peoples’ Poet, from the mean streets of the suburbs to almost 800 hits in 3 monthes, I think you see where I’m coming from. Truly a national treasure.

    In the 2008-09 season, 20 players (mostly Canadian) of African ancestry are affiliated with the NHL. Almost 40 have retired in the history of the NHL.

    Although 53% of the NHL is Canadian 23% are from the states!
    Its not a sport just for white people, it’s that the inner city single-parent households can’t afford hockey or they we’re so late to the games that the ice had melted.

    Sidney Crosby IS from Canada, but he’s a hearthrob as well.
    He’s on GQ, he’s in teen magazines. I’ve never paid attention to Howard’s “stylistic magical blackmanness” as you so feverishly put it, and if your trying to tell us something with the black man penis comment, we’ve all been assuming so for sometime now.

    The Peoples’ Poet is trying to bait me into a political argument, but I’m not buying it. Sport for sport, period for quarter, the Stanley Cup Finals this year was FAR MORE ENTERTAINING than nergro round-ball.

    Kobe Bryant is a sodomite, and outside of L.A. he’s disliked. When he’s not infiltrating the anus of a 16 year old he’s thinking about teenage butt-sex, and I can see it in his beady stupid African eyes.


    It’s no secret, most black males are living double lives. In between playing basketball and killing Korean store owners and before they attend an NAACP rally, they are having affairs with other men. The Washington Posts report above details the consistant rise year after year rise in AIDS in the gay male black community. And not only the rise, but the dramatic increase in that demographic specifically. Our very own Black President, Barack Hussien Obama, is married to a black male.

    In short, I feel the NHL is on the come-up. The Peoples’ Poet will just have to understand that the most entertaining part of the NBA Finals was the riots afterwards, by blackies.

  2. First of all, I want to thank Angry Whitey for his Don Rickles-esque fake kissing-up intro. It lacked even a smidgen of sincerity and quite frankly almost made me throw-up from disdain.

    Inane point # 1, by the Angry Whitey: “In the 2008-09 season, 20 players (mostly Canadian) of African ancestry are affiliated with the NHL”

    I’d say there is what, roughly 30 teams in the NHL, and on each roster they probably carry 30 players, which makes close to 1000 active players in the entire league, and of that 20 (by Angry Whiteys estimate) are black? That’s what; 2%?

    Puh-leaaaaaaaaase, I’d venture a guess that there are more blacks at a Clan rally by percentage than there are in the NHL.

    It’s a white mans game. It’s the WWF on skates. The fights are not only tolerated, they’re PLANNED. They might as well just hand out scripts before each game.

    There is more integrity in a James Fry novel. (remember he wrote that supposed autobiography “A Million Little Pieces” about his own life; turned out to be completely manufactured) The players are by far the dumbest in all of sports; every post-game interview in the NHL is the same “yah hey dere we just didn’t score enough dis time aye?”

    Clearly their brains are pea-sized, and there articulation is at the the level of a small child; they’re dumb white guys. Which isn’t to say that the NBA is all that much better, but at least NBA players have the excuse of 200 years of slavery keeping their educational level down; what da fuck is your average WHITE Canadian hockey player’s excuse?

    (They got none, they’re too stupid to come up with one)

    As far as the popularity of one Kobe Bryant, being called into question by Angry Whitey goes; KB is one of the highest profiled sports celebrities in ALL the WORLD, conversely the only thing Sydney Crosby is known for, is that he’s Bing’s son. (and that’s IT!) Nobody, but NOBODY knows who this puck fucker IS! More people watch the WNBA than NHL hockey.

    I’d even go as far as to say that MORE people know who Lisa Leslie is than they do Sidney Crosby.

    Look, here’s the deal – Angry Whitey doesn’t like basketball because he lacks the athletics to play it, as most white people do. He likes hockey because any dip shit with 2 legs can SWEEP a broom. (same basic premise as carrying a stick)
    The sport is nonsensical. It has 3 periods a GAME- and that’s 2 more than most women do a month, and it has a GOALIE, who HAS to wear SKATES as well, for ABSOLUTELY no explainable reason. Why does this guy HAVE to wear skates? Couldn’t he do an equally, if not better, JOB if he just wore tennis shoes?

    Here’s another question I have about this dumb sport; couldn’t a team just recruit one of those 1000 pound fat guys, you always see on Jerry Springer being cut out of their houses and lowered onto a flat bed truck, just DROP his giant ass in the goal, and his humongous girth would just COVER the entire goal area, thus eliminating even a REMOTE possibility of giving up a goal?

    I mean is there a weight limit for a goalie? And if there is not, then ANSWER me that, Angry WHITE man – WHY can’t a team just drop a thousand pound GOALIE into the net???

    (I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.)

  3. cutesweetsincere Says:

    Per the NHL rulebook, check out “delay of game rule”. There is a chance that IF a coach sent out a Jerry Springer “fat guy” to just lie in the goal, and the guy really was doing nothing else (just lying there, becuase really that is all the physical activity a 4X6 guy could engage in) the referee could construe it as a delay of game, and the team could be penalized.

    Isn’t the whole point of any sport a contest of skill between two teams?

    CLEARLY, I have no reply for Mad White Male, I don’t speak Republican! I can state my idea as to why he is so angry…sore looser! OBAMA WON!

  4. I didn’t say “lay there”, have em sit down – take a load off. Either way, just make him fat enough to encompass the ENTIRE height and width of the goal, and there would be NO “shot” (literally) of the other team making a goal.

    And of course the point is a match of skill, but teams will still bend and even break rules, if it give them even the slightest advantage. (especially in this BUSINESS driven sporting environment we live in today)

    But you speakin’ my language when you speak of the Messiah; OBAMA is the GOD and King of all that lives!

  5. cutesweetsincere Says:

    (especially in this BUSINESS driven sporting environment we live in today)
    I feel a new topic comin’ on!

  6. The Mad White Male Says:

    Once Again, thanks to The Peoples’ Poet for having me here at So Totally And Completely Politically Incorrect. The significance of his writings; along with a charisma not seen since the late Ray Combs, The Peoples’ Poet has undoubtibly and unwittingly become a national concern.

    A sure bet for the Nobel Prize, my only regret is that Heinrich Himmler never lived long enough to see his grandson florish. I say this from my heart Poet, you have a problem. And the holocaust did happen. (He’s a Holocaust Denier)

    So here is the arguement made by TPP,
    More drawing power. The game would become more family-friendly and could attract a new group of fans.

    • Improved national image. Sportscasters would have to show video of goals and saves instead of fights. Right now, those highlights make fighting seem more prevalent than it is.

    • Safer. The league won’t have to live with the knowledge that someone likely will be seriously injured in a hockey fight.

    • More roster options. Fighters with low skill level could be replaced with scorers.

    • Good for business. Some sponsors who don’t like the NHL’s image might sign on.

    • “My honest answer is that if you (legislated fighting out of the game), there would be an adjustment period, but I think the league would be fine.”

    — Nashville Predators general manager David Poile

    Why eliminating fighting won’t work

    • More danger. Some players theorize that stick infractions and other cheap shots would increase because would-be dirty players know they can’t be held accountable by tough guys.

    • Lost tradition. Fighting has been tolerated but penalized in the NHL’s 87-year history.

    • Lost fans. Some devoted NHL fans enjoy the fighting, and the league would risk alienating them.

    • Miffed fan clubs. Tough guys, such as Toronto’s Tie Domi, often are popular.

    • Missed opportunities. Power forwards such as Keith Tkachuk and Brendan Shanahan began as fighters, then evolved into scorers.

    • “If you get rid of fighting, you are going to get more of the dirty play. Let them fight, and get rid of all of the stickwork.”

    — Gordie Howe who had 1,071 goals and 2,419 penalty minutes combined in his NHL and World Hockey Association careers

    • “I have always believed that far more people come to games to see the fights than stay away. One aspect of the human makeup seldom changes, and it is our sense of morbid curiosity. … Fighting sells!

    So there you have it, black and white evidenence of why the American Black Male isn’t tough enough or intelligent enough to play hockey at this level. And let me be really Anne Frank with you TPP, in case you haven’t heard, Fridays Final game drew the biggest television audience ever. 9 million viewers TPP, 6 million innocent Jews murdered. The numbers are undeniable.

    Bottom Line: The threat of violence keeps the players honest. A MLB pitcher knows throwing a high inside pitch risks a physical fight; and he plays fair. The violence makes the players more pure in that sense, unlike your Uncle Himmler’s violence, which aimed at killing more Jews viciously. Sidney Crosby, the greatest hockey player in the world, being on the biggest stage with record viewership in the leagues Championship game: Iconic. You’ve really missed the train to the camp on this one TPP.

    In short: Hockey was made for HD, and as long as the elite players in major markets continue playing at this level, the NHL will continue to generate more interest. So basically if Dr. Mengele choose to kill Jewish twins based on his beliefs; and Dr.Megele’s beliefs were not in his direct control; Dr. Mengele does have free will. And a man of his intellect understood what he was doing was committing an evil human tragedy.

    Watch Out for the NHL 2010 season, and go Blackhawks!
    White children should only play with other white children.

  7. “I have always believed that far more people come to games to see the fights than stay away. One aspect of the human makeup seldom changes, and it is our sense of morbid curiosity. … Fighting sells!”

    Ya know, if they murdered a fan between periods, I’m sure that would drum up attendance as well.

    Here’s the REAL deal; Hockey is, and has been for decades – a DYING sport. (It actually did DIE 2 years ago, they canceled an entire season for lack of fan interest; FACT) With monkeys like Gordie Howe commenting on how important fighting is to the survival of this dumb league, the resurrection and 2nd death will come VERY very soon. (The NHL is like Christ in that respect)

    Also, I DO believe the Holocaust happened, I just wonder about the numbers; 6 million Jews MURDERED. Just how do they know that anyway? Anyone remember the “Million Man March” in Washington DC a few years back? That happened in BROAD daylight – not even 10 years ago; they had LIVE video and PICTURES – and it OCCURRED almost exclusively in the MIDDLE of the Washington Monument GARDEN! And till this VERY day, people still argue over HOW many BLACK guys were really there; the estimates range from 100,000 to 6 MILLION. (Ironically)

    Point is, people can’t even agree on a number of people assembled in – what amounts to be a PUBLIC picnic – in OUR own back-yard, not even 8 years ago. And you’re going to tell me someone was able to figure out the EXACT number of people murdered in a country THOUSANDS of miles away, almost 70 YEARS ago – by a REGIME that was notorious for BURNING paper whenever the enemy got close! (Puuuuuuuuuh-leaaaaaaase!)

    But I digress – the main point here; Hockey is stupid.

    (taking bow)

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