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A new direction here at STCPI: the introduction of the “point counter-point” theme, and the addition of my Republican nemesis: The Mad White Male

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From this point on, this site will be soley dedicated to the outlandish and purely sophomoric views of myself, and The Mad White Male – commenting on the latest events and contemporary issues facing both Liberals AND despicably narrow-minded Republicans.

And anything – and I mean ANYTHING – goes.

Today’s Topic: NBA Finals vs NHL Finals

Point: The Mad White Male

– Watching the final 5 minutes of the NBA playoffs is like watching paint dry. Kobe is not a star and the public dislikes him. Players are coddled and the refs are on the take.

In the last 5 minutes of the NHL Finals, Sidney Crosby, the best hockey player in the world, was smashed so hard his ribs broke. The most riveting finals in decades.

Fuck Dwight Howard and fuck negro ball.

Its not that I hate the sport, its that I dislike black people.


Counterpoint: The People’s Poet

– Hockey is for white people – very dumb, neanderthal-like Caucasians who are fans of Jimmy Buffet, and like to frequent flea markets.

Hockey is from Canada, and Canadians are notorious for being dumb and white and lacking in style and fashion sense. Dwight Howard is a good looking stylistic black man, with presumable a very large penis.

Republican white men are afraid of black men with large penis’s – they fear that they will steal all their white women – with there muscular butts and impeccable style. The NBA is full of threatening black men – “Mandingo” warriors – who are quite large in stature and frightening to the typical Republican male, with his ever increasing waistline and inability to sustain a useful erection.

Mad White Male, welcome to STCPI; cuz YOU just got BRUNOED!!!